ArcheAge: First Impressions

ArcheAge Beta is go!

Hey guys! I got in to the ArcheAge beta, so expect some content to flood in after a few days. This might be the MMO to get me back in to playing MMOs.

I played WoW for 8 years and Guild Wars 2 for while after that. In that time, I’ve done the whole theme park thing a few too many times. I’ve been searching for a game to give me a large amount of freedom while still being structured. I love choices but I need a minor amount of guidance. ArcheAge might just provide me with the experience I’ve been looking for.

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy farming, hunting, crafting, pvp, vehicle combat, exploration, questing or anything else I couldn’t think of at this very moment. This game world supports and glorifies each and every choice a player makes.

I started out with the Shadowplay skillset, basically the rogue class. After planting a tree, raising my own horse from a foal, and getting a boat, something amazing happened. I was level 5 or so, and found out I was able to pick a second skillset to work with. Dual speccing this early is a very interesting choice for the game, and it set the tone for just how much freedom you truly have in this world. Then came the next huge shock!

At level 10, I was able to pick a third skillset. This brought my current skillsets to rogue, warrior, and archer, changing my class title to Outrider. So here goes my character, two-handed sword and bow in hand, riding my stead that I raised. All foes bowed down to the mighty power of my attacks.

Long story short, you feel like a badass very early on, even when you are having difficulties in battle. The combat system is a ton smoother that any gameplay videos could possibly show, letting you feel in control even in a losing battle. If you die, its your missteps that brought you there.

More on this game as I learn about it, but this seems to be a lovingly crafted world that I will surely spend hours of my life in. Many hours of studies while be ruined by this game.

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