I’m sure by now you have read all of the reviews praising Watch_Dogs as an open world, story-based, action game, but I want to looking deeper into the game and review just a part of the experience.


Today I’ll be taking a look at Alone. It is a D-Trip or Digital Trip accessible at any point in the game, once they are shown to you. D-Trips alter your perception of the world by using an auditory program. My first step into this parallel verse was one of the coolest experiences I would have never expected from Watch_Dogs.



Alone drops you into the center of Chicago, with all power being lost from the city. Your goal is easy. Avoid the surveillance robots walking through the streets while hacking generators. These generators then power up a block or so of the area, giving you access to the abandoned cars on the streets as well as a skill tree to help you through future encounters.


While you slink through the alley ways or sprint from car to car to avoid detection, you have a few choices to make. You can stealth kill any robots that get in your way, search for weapons to combat the threat a little more openly, or avoid contact all together. This isn’t a stealth mission based game type though. Being detected does not mean your mission has failed. Having this kind of freedom is nice, especially since robots beam down as you move through the city, so completely avoiding them becomes very difficult.



Your skill tree is simple but well thought out. The fact of even having progression in a easily missed side tangent is very admirable. You can spec into warfare, hacks, equipment, and EMP. You gain points by powering up the scattered generators, and once an area is “liberated” the time switches from Night to Day. While you are in the dark zones, you hear a voice calling for the robots to find you. It is the voice of your sister in the game. Each D-Trip pulls from an individuals mind to create aspects of the experience. This is one of the best ways to show Aidens internal struggle while you move your way through the story line.


Overall, Alone is a great experience that is lovingly crafted to be more than just a mini-game distraction. I find myself going back to this mode time and time again, for the esthetics as well as the shift in gameplay. The greatest part about Alone is that as you get better at sneaking around in the D-Trip you get better in the real world. The robots you are avoid have a visible cone of detection that is almost that of human ai. This is a great way to understand the ai behind the guards you will encounter.


I highly suggest checking this out, as it is a solid feature added to an already expansive library of gameplay opportunities. As I play through the other D-Trips you will hear about them.

Thanks for reading, and as always please share this if you enjoyed it.

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