One fantastic nostalgia trip

Every once and a while, a game comes out that plucks at your heart strings and punches right in the feels. Whether that be with story and character developement like the Mass Effect series or the more recent Last of Us (both incredible games) or by reminding you of the wondering of gaming in your childhood. This game is the latter.


From a gorgeous art style to incredible but simple combat mechanics, this games reminds me of the lost feeling I had as a kid playing Metroid. Its refreshing to play a game that actually makes you think as well as earn every step of progress you make. Boss fights are fun and intense, puzzles are quick but challenging, and the overall design of the dungeons is second to none. Valdis Story packages all of this into a $14.99 steam release that any self-respecting gamer should pick up in a heart beat, and any self-hating gamer should atleast give it a chance.

Meet the Heroes


The Swordsman

Wyatt seems to be the run of the mill hero. After falling from the overworld, he immediately searches for his crew. This starts your wonderful journey to becoming a super badass killing machine. As you level up Wyatt, you have three trees to spec down.

  • Warrior

The Warrior tree is exactly what you would expect. You can spec into bleeding effects, increase you combo length, and even change how skill damage is increase. For example, one ability makes all heavy attacks increase damage based on strength as well as level.

  • Guardian

This is your standard tanking tree. Not much more to say about that.

  • Saviour

This is the oddball of the group. Saviour is a spell based tree that allows you to up light and dark affinities in order to increase the effectiveness of your spells. This also has mana regen abilities to make you a little more effective while managing spells.


The Monk

Reina is the game’s quintessential heroine, as an orphan Reina was raised inside of an Alagathian monastery. She is trained to become the monastery’s greatest champion, ‘The Golden Child’ but somewhere along the way she meets Wyatt and decides to travel with him on his quest to find his father. Reina is a veritable typhoon of martial arts combos and quick support spell casting that makes for some really fun and interesting gameplay. Like Wyatt Reina has three skill trees that she can spec into.

  • Monk

This is Reina’s offensive tree, it allows you to specialize into percentage attack damage, combo extensions, critical damage and even skill cancel buffs to help make use of her fast pace combat style.

  • Protector

This is Reina’s defensive tree and by most accounts it’s pretty standard. Some upgrades give bonus armor or health while others make use of your block addind useful abilities to it such as parry which stutters ememies after you block an attack.

  • Golden One

This is Reina’s spell casting tree, for the most part this tree specializes in increasing Reina’s mana pool, mana regen and buffing her exisiting spells with her unique ‘Reckoning’ mechanic.

More about this game is to come as my team and I discover it. So far, this game has been an incredible experience. Thanks for reading guys.

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