Fight the Dragon : Early Access review


The dragon you fight

Fight the Dragon is a very interesting hack and slash loot ’em up type game. I’ve had a ton of fun with it, both solo and with friends (including Pixel!).


First things first, Character Selection! As of right now, you can pick between the Fighter, Fire Lord, Ice Wizard, and Black Rogue. Each of these classes play completely different and are pretty self explanatory so we won’t go into great detail on these.

  • Fighter
    • Uses 1h and 2h weapons
    • Has both Area of Effect and single target melee attacks
  • Fire Lord
    • Casts Fire Spells
  •  Ice Wizard
    • Casts Ice Spells
  • Black Rogue
    • Uses ranged weapons
    • Can stealth and backstab


The adventure house!

So you start off in your adventure house and there are a few sign posts that act as the games menu options. This is your adventure hub complete with the main Dragon Fight, a graveyard which isn’t in use yet, as well as a customization sigh that will be used later on. The Adventure sign is where you will spend a large amount of your time in Fight The Dragon.


Randomized dungeon map system

When you use the adventure sign you get a screen that is full of gray stones. You select these stones and get random maps. Each selection starts to build your own custom world map. Some are pre-made by the developers and others are player made! Player made maps are often very creative and fun. Other times they have some bad English, which makes it all the funnier and more memorable. Engrish NPC chat is one of the most charming this we have come across in the game.

The actual gameplay is very standard among hack n slash style RPGs. Think Diablo but more comedic and involves way less demons.


The smart way to take out a spawner…

 As you can see in the above screenshot each class has 4 abilities. You unlock them as you level up, which surprisingly takes quite a while, but the variety of user generated quests make the grind bearable.

The inventory system is pretty straightforward as well. Each item has it’s own category such as weapons, boots, gloves etc. You just click on the slot and select the item from a drop down menu.

The most expansive of the game though is the custom content, which hosts a slew of user created content that ranges from difficult, to mind boggling puzzles, to hilarious levels whose npc’s speak in broken English. The level editor is pretty straightforward, but you can do quite a bit with it!


Showcasing some of the different terrain options

Fight the Dragon is a very fun game, but it has a few flaws and gets a little grindy. All in all, I would definitely suggest this game if you want to support an indie dev taking a different approach to the top down rpg. Fight the dragon is currently in the steam early access program for $14.99 and can be purchased here!

A full in depth review of the game will be posted once it exits early access and we can’t wait! The Developer, 3Sprocketshard at work with constant updates and its simply amazing what the implement each patch. Definitely keep your eye on this title through its development.

This article was written by, Blaza, one of our community members! Want to write for us as well? Make an account on our site, by click the login button and email us at info[at]!

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