Chat with a Cat and a Robot: An Interview

A few weeks ago, I got the pleasure to talk to Robot Loves Kitty. These are the awesome devs before Legend of Dungeon, which is taking steam by storm! You should check it out here. I really enjoyed talking with them and I hope you enjoy the results.

How did Robot Loves Kitty get started? What drew you to game design?

About 8 years ago we started making games, neither of us had any prior experience with it really. We’d been a couple for a long time and we both loved to play video games, but our tastes were different so we rarely found something we could play together. Robot Loves Kitty started with the intention of making games that merged our interests, things that we would want to play together.

What was the first game you made as Robot Loves Kitty?

 We went through a bunch of ideas before we found something we really could push forward with.. The first game we made is called Neverdaunt:8Bit. It’s an MMO that is still unfinished, but even unfinished it was nominated for the IGF Technical Excellence award, which was very motivating. This game was basically our education in both what to do, and what not to do. We plan to revisit it with more than just a 2 man team someday.

Most of us here at PixelFAQ have played Legend of Dungeon, its fantastic! Did the game look drastically different from the finished product at any point in development?

The visual style for Legend of Dungeon was solidified early on, but there are a few existing relics from the early days. Exploring the lighting effect we use was one of the main reasons we made the game in the first place, it was originally just a side project, and then it’s popularity took off.

What are your plans after Legend of Dungeon?

We’ve actually already started to work on a new game! It’s called Upsilon Circuit, and it’s going to be an online action RPG/livestreaming gameshow. The idea is kind of out there, but it’s something we are really excited about.

 As a developer, what is the coolest thing you have been able to experience in the industry?

There have been so many incredible moments.. Something that’s amazing every time is seeing people experience the games we make, through live streams as well as at places like PAX, E3 and GDC. It’s an indescribable feeling! Other awesome things we’ve gotten to do: Going to the Valve offices to experience their VR room set up, talking to the creators of countless games we love (a dev for Mrs.Pacman was the most recent encounter), and being useful to/helped by fellow game developers (I’ve never seen an industry so passionate, so we do our part and try our best to give help wherever we can).

Have helped or hindered your development process?

We are huge fans of sites like Twitch and Hitbox, and have done everything from large group indie dev livestream shows, to streaming while we work on our projects! We think that the idea of playing a game with an audience is fascinating, and are actively trying to create something new with it through Upsilon Circuit.

If there was one piece of advice you could give anyone wanting to start making games, what would it be?

It’s not something that you get good at overnight, knowing what people want, and how to get their attention are things I think everyone is constantly learning. Right now the industry is a hard one to break into successfully, there are just so many people doing it that competition is very high. If making indie games is what you want to do for a living, expect at least 5 years of hard work and nothing to show for it. The trick is to then take all that nothing (experience and lessons learned) and just keep going. It takes a really passionate or stubborn person/team to make it.

Since you work with your significant other, is it difficult to separate work from your personal life?

We pretty much work all the time, so we don’t have much of a separate personal life. I don’t know what normal people talk about when they go out to dinner or something, We just talk about the games we want to make and stuff we’re doing with the current game. That’s really not a complaint though, it’s kind of awesome!

Thanks again to Robot Loves Kitty for taking time out of their day to talk to us. We love hearing from developers about their experiences in making the games we spend hours playing. Its nice to know to people behind the amazing creations.

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