Is that progress I hear?

Bohemia Interactivethe creative force behind ARMA 3 has released its first big chunk of Premium Content DLC they are adding to the already massive playground in place. This content addition is aptly named Helicopters, but it adds more to the experience than just some rotor powered death machines, I’m looking at you Kajman

This DLC add-on includes

  • a fleshed out the flight model for all helos in the game
  • firing from vehicles where the passenger has clear lines of sight
  • sling loading for transport of ground vehicles via chopper
  • helicopter time trials and training simulations
  • additions assets (new objects, logistics crates, etc.)
  • other tweaks to the overall engine

Don’t worry though, if you don’t want to shell out the $15.99 on steama large amount of these features are accessible without the DLC purchase, like firing from vehicles, helicopter training missions, and all engine upgrades.

Bohemia has always done a pretty good job listening to the fans of the Arma series and this release is no different. Want to know the best part? You can play on servers with the new DLC running even if you haven’t purchased it! You will get prompted to purchase said content, but the passenger seats in the new helos are accessible without the need to buy anything new.

Everything included is a welcome addition to an already incredible sandbox of tools that can be used to create pretty much any military experience you desire.

See you on Altis, Soldier!


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