December Featured Cast : PoultreeGeist and the Legend of DeZemba!

All of us here spend a lot of time lurking and chatting on twitch. During the last year or so I’ve been on twitch, I’ve run in to some really awesome people. I think its about time we start recognizing some of twitch’s amazing talent on our site.

We are going to start featuring channels around twitch to help support the amazing people we watch. For our first featured caster I would like to introduce you to PoultreeGeist! He is one of my favorite casters on twitch because of how amazing his chat interactions are. He has the ability to pull you in to his gameplay and make you forget you aren’t actually playing it.

During the month of December he is going to play and beat as many Zelda games as he can, in order, cleverly calling the adventure The Legend of DeZemba! Please give this guy a follow, you won’t be disappointed.

PoultreeGeist’s Info

Have a stream you watch regularly on twitch? Share them in the comments below and we might just feature one!

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