January Featured Cast: Alaskan Savage

Hey guys!  Its the second month of our featured series for twitch casters and this month we want to introduce you to Alaskan Savage. Hailing from Alaska, he is a variety streamer that has quickly climbed the ranks to partnership. In just he past month I have seen him play everything from Far Cry 4 to Ghostbusters the Video Game and everywhere in between.

After raiding Savage a while back, I’ve frequented his channel to see and the incredible amount of work being put into his shows. Community interaction is his strongest quality. As he romps through his current game each day, he somehow includes viewers in such a way you can’t help but hang around. Don’t even me started about that glorious mustache. Savage puts on a great show and all of us wish him the best of luck in 2015!

Do yourself a favor and go check out Alaskan Savage on his twitch channel (twitch.tv/alaskansavageand make sure to follow him on twitter @alaskansavagetv

His current stream schedule is 7 days a week starting at Midnight PST. Hope to see you in there some time!

Make sure to say hi to thisisnottea when you drop by his channel as well. Fantastic conversations will be had!

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