H1Z1: All the proof you need!

Over the past week, the internet has been roaring over H1Z1 and its “Pay to Win” model.

I personally don’t understand how this can be taken as pay to win.The risk of this system is way too high. Want to see for yourself?

Youtube user, Anon Amoosehas provided the world with a great video that shows the kind of attention an air drop calls.

Is it odd that you can pay to make an event happen? Yes.

Do I think it ruins the game? No

And I think this is mainly to stance a lot of current players have. After putting upwards of 20 hours in the early access game so far, I haven’t had my experience ruined my these crate drops. The exact opposite has happened, actually. It didn’t go as well as the video above, but it was still pretty awesome.

Just keep in mind, if you call in one of these, you have a high chance to get nothing but sticks.

What do you think about the air drop system? Let us know in the comments!

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