Enter the Gungeon! New Indie Dungeon Crawler!

The wonderful people at Dodge Roll Games have been working on this fantastic looking game and now I need it in my life!

Enter the Gungeon is a top down, bullet hell, dungeon crawler. Think Ikaruga mixed with Binding of Isaac. It isn’t available yet, but we will be keeping our eyes on it!

Armed with any gun you can find and your trusty dodge roll, which works just like Dark Souls (invincibility frames), you will gun down the Gundead as one of many Gungeoneers, Each one having their own abilities.

Environmental interaction is also a big deal to the developers, which means you can flip over tables for cover or use explosive barrels to dispatch large groups enemies. Just keep in mind, that your enemies can do the same, and they will.

The charming art style, fast paced gameplay, and randomized floor layouts have me afraid for my free time once this releases.

Below is a gif from their site, Dodgeroll.com, that shows a few of the guns you can find on your journey through the Gungeon!


Hope you are as excited about this game as we are and I personally can’t wait to see more on this project!

Have a new indie title you can live without? Tell us in the comments below!

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