Drift Stage: Kickstart your engines!

“A love letter to arcade racers of old!”

Hey guys! While reading the newest update from Hyperlight Drifter creators, Heartmachine, on Kickstarter, I was introduced to a game called Drift Stage. Now, I feel a little behind on this one, given that their Kickstarter, which has already succeeded, has just over 40 hour left in it, but this game looks fantastic!



Drift Stage is a love letter to arcade racers of old! I still remember playing Initial D and Ridge Racer when I was a kid. Our skating rink had those two machines, plus Gauntlet. Good times. Anyway, Drift Stage is an arcade racer with impressive retro visuals, drifts for days, and a nice selection of cars, each with their own personality and little backstory.

THE ZX-78 for instance, was created by an ex-military engineer using super secret air force tech to make one beast of a car.

Drift Stage will provide players with many game modes, such as Single Race, Time Trial, Career, Infinite Drift, and Daily Challenges. The devs have also embraced the steam workshop and will allow custom levels to be made with a provide map editor. The game will also be released with both Local and Online Multiplayer!

If you ever lay awake at night wishing that you would have bought that old Initial D Cabinet before it was thrown out, then here is your chance to use that money for good!

If this story doesn’t fit you, but you still wish to support the developers, then simply head over to their website, HERE, and support your little hearts out! A free demo of the game is also available for those of you who wish to see a bit of the game before you throw money at it.

As of right now, we are giving a huge thumbs up to the devs and wish them the best of luck in creating was will most certainly be racking up hours in my steam library when it releases. Drift Stage will be released on PC, MAC, and Linux, as well as being sold on steam!

What was your favorite racing game, growing up? Let us know in the comments below!

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