Wanderlust Adventures has a Steam Page!

Good news everybody! Our friend Leth is making a game, Wanderlust: Adventures. Maybe you have heard of it? If not, we talked to him a bit ago, you can check out our interview HERE! We also talked to the guy behind the art, READ IT HERE! Well, his game now has a steam page! You can find it RIGHT HERE!

Leth was one of the first supporters for our site, way back when. Its really great to meet great people in talking to developers, and sometimes even get friendships out of it. Make sure to hit the follow button that way you can get all the fancy updates about his game through steam. His new RPG is set to release this year and I can’t wait for this game to release. Mark my words, it will be played on our cast.

And if this wasn’t great enough news, Leth just got his sub button on twitch, so go check it out at twitch.tv/Leth.

In order to support this amazing team, make sure to check out their site, yetitrunk.com.

All of us here at PixelFAQ wish them the best of luck! Thanks for being part of the site!

Who is your favorite indie developer?

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