Mercenary Kings: Damn Good Fun

Mercenary Kings is the latest game from the studio Tribute Games, who boasts a creative team that also worked on the game Scott Pilgrim Vs The World; including the…fascinating…pixel artwork of Paul Robertson.

In the game Mercenary Kings, you play as either one of the vicious mercenary Kings or Empresses, on a mission to stop the evil forces of CLAW who have taken over an island laboratory for nefarious purposes.


Mercenary Kings’ gameplay boasts a wide range of customizability. Various parts of your weapons can be customized to change the many aspects of your weapon, from range, accuracy, damage, and ammo capacity, and more. You can also acquire various implants to grant yourself other strange abilities, such as finding more money in exchange for less rare item drops.


Mercenary Kings is available via Steam, and a DRM free version can be purchased from the official website.

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