Borderlands: Handsome Collection and the flood of Remastered Editions.

2K is bringing their stylized shooter series, Borderlands, to the Next Gen on 3/24/15. This re-release of Borderlands and Borderlands 2 will come complete with all DLC content released for both titles. If you are itching to get back onto Pandora and kill more hordes of bandits, your wish will come true next month!

2K’s choice to release Borderlands for the PS4 and Xbox falls inline with the trend of the industry right now. Instead of spending the money to release new IPs, which haven’t been selling near as well for the new systems as intended, Publishers are taking the safe route and revamping the tried and true titles that got them on the top.

Along with Borderlands, we have Devil May Cry DE (Definitive Edition) on 3/17/15, just a few days before the Borderlands release. The means two remastered editions of games are releasing in the same month. This is of course on top of the already existing remastered titles, Tomb Raider DE, Sleeping Dogs DE, and Halo Master Chief Collection.

Are developers going to flood the market with too many old titles and lessen consumer excitement for new releases? Only time will tell, but hopefully the new IPs on the horizon will breathe some much needed life into the current Next Gen market. I’m looking at you, Order 1886.

Are you getting tired of HD remakes of old games? Let us know in the comment below.

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