Dungeon Defenders Update!

A huge title update has dropped for Dungeon Defenders 2, currently being developed by Trendy Entertainment. The game is currently part of the Early Access program on Steam and the development team is churning out updates left and right while listening to the fans, in order to craft the best version of Dungeon Defenders possible.

So far, I would call their endeavor a success. Dungeon Defenders 2 combines the accessibility and action of a Hack n’ Slash game with the meticulous planning of a Tower Defense game. The best part of this equation is the inclusion of coop, which pits you and 3 friends against waves of enemies and mini bosses that want nothing more than to see you fail. I’m serious, those roller skate goblins are devious little bastards.

There are a ton of changes made in this update, but the most notable is the addition of a Campaign Mode that creates a random path of levels with increasing difficulty, while weaving together somewhat of a continuous struggle. Another cool change increases the amount of players you come in contact with in the tavern. I just logged in for a few minutes and was welcomed with a mob of players just waiting to join a group and take down the new content.

Their attempt to create a more lively tavern hasn’t definitely worked so far. Trendy is doing a fantastic job of growing with their community instead of against it, which is refreshing.

I can’t wait to see where the next updates take the game, and we will be here for each step of the way! Thanks for reading!

Do you have a favorite Tower Defense game? Let us know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Dungeon Defenders Update!

    • Shphrd says:

      I think that is because the base mechanics are pretty much complete. They are just tweaking a few things and adding content. To many devs are using Early Access to build from the ground up. The community that would normally be all for helping have just gotten exhausted lately.


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