Can your greatest enemy truly be yourself?

In the digital world of video games, a new horror game emerges, with the ability to change gameplay, based on the magic of a simple piece of technology known as the Biofeedback device. The way this device works: it takes impulses from your brain, and translates them to events in game. Get too scared, and the game gets progressively more difficult. From the brilliant mind of Erin Reynolds (@reynoldsphobia on Twitter) and the whole team behind Nevermind (@NevermindGame), this game is set to revolutionize gaming for anyone and everyone. Screenshots and updates get posted almost every week, and with kickstarter programs bringing in so much money (almost 3 times their goals for every program) they will make their goal to producing a world renowned game, for the sake of all the fans.

In this game, you go through mazes in people’s minds, with images that show what people are seeing when they go to sleep and what troubles their days. Unspeakable horrors, that constantly hinder them from doing anything about it haunt them. There is a price though, for peeling back the layers and forcing your way to help people cope with those events. The inner mind lashes out, and tries to stop you. Your job is to not die while uncovering those terrors of the deep. With skillful puzzles and dangerous creatures that lurk in the dark, the terror intensifies, and ultimately, its a do or die experiment to recover your patients’ minds as their own.

The game, although ultimately is just a game, is not just directed at those that seek the thrill of an adventure horror game, but those that are actually hurt, on the inside, like the victims in the game. Anybody and everybody from war Veterans to just plain broken people, the game will help those realize there is hope, and there can be a solution, if you choose to accept it. In the game, you’re a psychologist, searching for the answers that trouble people, and even though you go through all these obstacles, you should stay determined because you know your patients are going through the same thing, if not worse.

I am looking forward to this in all honesty. I want to see how it turns out, and even if they sell it for $20 a game, a profit turned  from this game, and people will enjoy it. As of now, the first level has been created, and possibly the second level. They are still continuing development on it. I don’t expect this game to be done for another few months, or even up to a year, but if you can hold out, the audience will be captivated with the end result, and be astonished at what the Nevermind Team creates.

EDIT 2/23/15 :

The developer contacted us about this article and sent us some corrections and responses to it. Please check out the developers thoughts in the article, A Response to “Can your greatest enemy truly be yourself?”

Have you ever had a gaming experience that changed how to approach your life? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you.

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