Light on Action – Heavy on Story : The Order 1886

Here is my review of The Order 1886.

I beat the order last night. I was promised 5 hours or less and I got 6 hours and 4 min out of it. There was also 1 boob and 1 cock and balls in the game out of those 6 hours. I would say only 1-2 hours were play time, the rest were cutscenes. Roughly 3 minutes of walking around a table to 40 minutes of unskippable cutscene.

Everything in the game has a reflection but your character (what year is this, 1990?!?!?). It turns into twilight with vamps and wolfman people things toward the end.

If you want a action game this is not for you. If you want something that has more story than actual gameplay you might enjoy this.

This has been Salty’s Short Review and I am Salty.

What is more important to you, Story or Gameplay? Let us know in the comments!

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