March PS Plus Offerings!

Its March and that means a new collection of free games for all you PSN plus subscribers out there! The wait is over and the playstation blog  has posted the list. Quick tip, you can search for these games on the store and download them before it actually updates under the PS Plus section. This month’s list is pretty amazing and will surely occupy hours of my life.


Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee — New ‘n’ Tasty! [PS4]

Free for PS Plus Members
This is a great start to an amazing line up! I was a HUGE fan on the Oddworld games growing up and now Abe’s Oddysee is back to make us laugh, cry, and rage all over again. Get ready for one wild ride!


Valiant Hearts: The Great War [PS4]

Free for PS Plus Members
To continue with the theme of crying, Sony is giving everyone a reason to get the feels out. Valiant Hearts is a story game that follows individuals on both sides of WWI as they try to survive the day to day dangers of war. How will you deal with the emotional stress of it all?

PS Plus March 2015

Papo & Yo [PS3]

Free for PS Plus Members
Papo & Yo puts you in the shoes of a kid with one big imagination as well as one big friend! You will find yourself running through neighborhoods as they change before your very eyes. Buildings will walk around, shadows will chase you, and puzzle will force you to think. This is one great puzzle adventure game!

PS Plus: March 2015

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments [PS3]

Free for PS Plus Members
Sherlock is at it again. Follow Holmes and Watson as they scour the world for clues and solve the unsolvable. If you are a fan of the old games this will sit with you nicely. If you haven’t played a Sherlock title before, here is your chance!

PS Plus: March 2015

OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood [PS Vita | PS4]

Free for PS Plus Members
JUMP! KICK…FLIP! Olli Olli 2 takes you to Olliwood for another deceptively difficult assortment of levels and challenges. This is a fresh and creative take on the punishing platformer. You will be flying high in not time, given that you can maintain your speed all the way to the finish line.

PS Plus: March 2015

CounterSpy [PS Vita | PS4 | PS3]

Free for PS Plus Members
Colors! Espionage! Spy Games! Welcome to CounterSpy. Lurk our corners, dispatch enemies, and keep the entire world in balance. Its just another day in the life of an international spy.

One thought on “March PS Plus Offerings!

  1. Shphrd says:

    I personally can’t believe New N’ Tasty is on this list! I was just about to buy it too. Good thing I waited. Thanks Sony!


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