A Trip to The Dragonball Universe

It’s finally here, the Dragonball game that many have been waiting for. Dragonball Xenoverse may have been out for a little while,but the hype still remains for many. I for one have been hyped by this game ever since it had been announced. Seeing many of the features that are in this game including the character creation, combat system, and the customizable move set had me racing home when I got it. I threw it into my Playstation 3 right when I got home and booted it up.


You are almost immediately thrown into the action as you play as Goku fighting the major villains that were prominent in the separate sagas. That’s when you are thrown into the character customization. It gives you the choice of 5 races, each of which have their own benefits and flaws. The five races to choose from are: Human, Saiyan, Namekian, Frieza race (yes. it’s actually called that.), and Majin.

After creating your character, the plot is explained to you. Basically, someone is messing with history and screwing things up, and you were recruited to help fix it. I’m not going to reveal anything else about the plot, but you need to train and get stronger constantly to be able to overcome the challenges that will come up. Here is where the leveling system comes into play.

Every time you complete a chapter or a side mission you gain experience, the basic RPG elements that many are familiar with. You can put the attribute points into whatever you want to improve. Onto the side missions. Side missions play a huge part in the game as it’s an easy way to improve your skills and gain other skills or clothing. What you wear is your choice but each piece of clothing has it’s benefits and flaws. For example, one piece of clothing may increase your attack but lower your stamina.


Which brings me to the online aspect. Online play is completely optional but there are a lot of things you are able to do. You can fight other players, participate in missions, or even join/create a team. I haven’t done any of the online play yet for the reason of the other players being a much higher level than me.

That’s pretty much it for all of the main features of the game. I’ll let you discover all of the other features yourself as it will add to the excitement that I feel when I play the game. Xenoverse is available on all of the main consoles but, I recommend getting it for the newer consoles or PC. All of the action that goes on during a few of the fights will bring down your frame rate if you have it for Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. It doesn’t bother me too much, but I’m sure it bothers a few people. Maybe if you have it for Playstation 3 you can find me. I hope you enjoy Xenoverse as much as I do!

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