Dirty Bomb Beta : In review

For those of you who didn’t get to try it this weekend, the Dirty Bomb Closed Beta was live as many mercenaries littered the streets of London as a result. First of all, I want to commend Splash Damage on a fantastic job, thus far. There were some issues that we will get into, but all in all, Dirty Bomb looks to be a great FPS game that will get hours of play time in my steam library. I present to you, our feelings about the Dirty Bomb Beta Weekend!


Shots ring out in the irradiated streets of downtown London. Mercenaries swarm the area to complete odd jobs for unknown clients in order to make some extra cash. Who are these Mercs? Well-You, your friends, and your enemies. Dirty Bomb is a fast paced FPS game for PC being developed by Splash Damage, the London based game studio that has worked on titles such as Quake: Enemy Territory, Brink, and the multiplayer side of Batman: Arkham Origins. 

Their newest brainchild combines the twitch aiming of shooters of old (Counter Strike: Source, Unreal Tournament, Quake) ,objective based combat, and even a few MOBA elements held together by teamwork and persistence. You take control of the Mercs that currently own the streets of London. In the beta we had access to 6 different characters to try out.


Dirty Bomb Mercs

The first of these unlikely heroes is Fragger. The heavy character sports an LMG and you guessed it, Frag Grenades! The grenades count as his cooldown ability instead of being part of his munitions. As far as the beta was concerned he was the only soldier on the field with grenades, if you don’t count SkyHammer’s Air Strike beacon. Fragger is slow but steady. He is the kind of character you want locking down corners and holding hallways. Have a bunched up ground of enemies in a room? Fragger is the man for you!

The second is my favorite, Proxy. Think of the scout from TF2 armed with a cricket bat and a semi-auto shotgun. Her special ability allows your to deploy proximity mines in the battlefield which kill, maim, and destroy your enemy. As an added bonus, they also stop that person from being revived, since they are now just a few scattered body parts in the street. She is extremely fast, accurate as hell, and a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Next is SkyHammer. This well rounded individual is a great starter character, which is probably why he is the first character you meet in the tutorial. He comes equipped with an assault rifle, an ammo box, and an air strike beacon to add a little BOOM to any firefight. This is the kind of soldier you want guarding objectives since his guardian in the sky drops 5 or 6 bombs on a marked area. If your idea of fun is resupplying your team will removing the other from existence, SkyHammer is the man for the job.

We will skip Vassili for now as I haven’t gotten to play with him yet.

Last in this line-up is Sawbonez! He is the more tradition medic in the game, with throwable med packs and defib pads. He also has a very deadly SMG that allows him to be in the middle of the fight at all times. If you loved healing in Battlefield 2, this is your character. Jumping in and out of alley ways while picking up friendly units and fueling the fight from the front lines!

The only other merc I have had any experience with thus far is Aura. She is very much a support character. He main heal is a pulsing “aura”, get it? She is very powerful while protect choke points given that she can sustain an entire squad, health wise, while guarding hallways with her shotgun. Aura is also quick so she is definitely a force to be reckoned with. This isn’t the type of character to run from a fight.

Well guys, that’s our overview of the characters we have played so far. Splash Damage is building a great experience that is needed on the PC market right now. Keep an eye out for this game in the future and make sure to SIGN UP FOR THE BETA if any of this has peaked your interest. And if you aren’t patient enough for that, you can buy into the beta testing for $19.99 on steam right now!

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you in the streets of London! Lock and Load, Mercs!

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