A Link to the Oceanhorn

ADVENTURE! Who doesn’t love a good adventure, in real life or in a game. A good adventure game will charm it’s players and suck them into it’s own world. That’s what Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas has done for me. The sea, plenty of monsters, and a charming story is a formula that I love most in a game, and Oceanhorn managed to pull that off.


Oceanhorn was originally released for iOS devices and due to it’s popularity it was released for PC not too long ago. It has large similarities to The Legend of Zelda, but yet it carries its own personal charm. Crawling through dungeons, fighting monsters with various weapons, and sailing from island to island makes up the majority of this game.


The story follows a Boy who goes on a quest to find his father and defeat the legendary monster Oceanhorn. The game doesn’t have much character development so you never learn what the main character’s name is, to be honest there aren’t any names for any of the characters apart from the main antagonist.

The combat system is smooth but getting the timing down to strike is a little tricky. There is a leveling system that gives you small rewards for each level you gain. For example, when you go up a level, you gain the ability to carry more bombs, or blocking takes less stamina.


The sailing is a nice addition but has a major flaw, it’s on rails when you choose a location to go to. The visuals still make the experience of sailing to an island enjoyable but some freedom would have really sold the experience.

As for finding the islands to go to, you discover them throughout the game, while also discovering a few side islands that have a bit of treasure on them.


Overall this game is really enjoyable to play, the major downfall that it has is that it is fairly short, the main story that is. The are a few extra things that you can go for, side quests if you will. So if you are looking for a great game to play for a little while, you should totally pick this up, it’s worth it.

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