A response to: In Exilium: Tough Crowd

Every once in a while I get to have really interesting encounters with developers. This is one of those interactions.

A few days ago I wrote my first negative review for the site. In Exilium is an old school RPG that holds true to the conventions of old. You can read my thoughts on the game [HERE].

After posting the review, Gabe of Conflux Games posted a commented on the review. We like to have conversations about game design here on the site so I decided to turn his comment into a post instead. Here are Gabe’s thoughts on the interview!

Hi There! I’m the dev of the game [In Exilium]. I think this review is fair, the game is an old school RPG for better and for worse just like you mentioned :) For those looking for the crisp new RPG experience, you are absolutely right, this game will most likely not provide that, and the game is simple – deliberately so. However there is an important element to the game that I feel wasn’t really addressed here, that being the ambiance of the environments, the exploration and the focus on player discovery.

A lot of thought went into trying to provide an RPG experience that strips away some of the common modern RPG tropes like questing, grand back stories, huge worlds (things that path of exile, torchlight, diablo etc. all have) Granted, these are things that a lot of players like about RPGs, but the objective of making this game was to intentionally create a game without them. Not hold the players hand at all, let them discover the world on their own.

Exploration is a big part of the game, the lonely atmosphere is a big part of the game, the fact that there is no guidance, and instead of a concrete or elaborate story, a vague theme that is only hinted at in the game. These are the things that I found most interesting while developing the game anyway, and players who really enjoyed the game found this as well. Totally agree that the game isn’t for everyone, and I appreciate you taking the time to play it, and I’m glad you enjoyed your time with it! :)

I hope you at least got a little taste of the things I mentioned and find most interesting during your play through. I would have liked to hear a little more on whether you thought it accomplished it’s goals from an explorational and ambiance point of view, because that is really the essence of the game, more-so than the combat or story or leveling or loot etc.


– Gabe

I want to thank Gabe for reaching out to us with this comment. I hope this might help some people get a more complete view of the game since you are getting the rebuttal as well as the review.

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