The Art of Bloodborne

I’m sure a lot of you have been romping around the world of Bloodborne since release. Regardless of your stance on the game itself, I think everyone can agree that the world From Software created is quite stunning to look at. While hacking and slashing their way through the world one imgur user, Saltyxgaming, took the time to set up some incredible shots.

Using Photoshop to re-balance the images, these screenshots were taken to a new level. In the case of the beautiful “Hunter’s Dream” panorama, they painstakingly edited out the player character by taking shots at multiple angles.

Panorama Bloodborne in-game shots - Imgur




Spoiler! One of the endings to bloodborne - Imgur

Spoiler! Gehrmen The First Hunter getting ready - Imgur


We love seeing passion for a game world, and these edited screenshots are a great example of that. Taking collected images from around an imaginary world and making them your own is a great way to pay homage to the creators work to make such a wonderful experience.

Hope you enjoy these amazing screenshots and we will be updating this post as more are uploaded!


Have an amazing Bloodborne screenshot? Let us know in the comments below! 

One thought on “The Art of Bloodborne

  1. Church says:

    Moar Boar wants more! I propose this is not enough to satisfy. I demand you send a link to more pictures and then click it for me.


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