An Unexpected Quest

As I delve into the newish World of Warcraft I find a lot of things I wish to discuss. However for the time being I would like to take a second and step aside and share something really neat that happened to me a short while ago.

Right around Christmas my parents received a very nice package addressed to me from Blizzard. Of course they were curious what I had ordered and honestly so was I. I figured somewhere in a sleep deprived stupor I had order a T-shirt or hat or some other bit of swag and I simply didn’t remember doing so. No rush eventually through bribery and coercion I got the package.

You can only imagine my surprise when I opened it to find a burly orc statue riding a wolf. Along with this poly-resin raider was a simple note of gratitude. It said “Thanks for ten great years”.


Suddenly I was taken aback, it has been ten year hasn’t it. I have been playing WoW for ten years straight. I was a little overwhelmed. I remembered Vanilla, when making it to level 40 was something big. I remembered spending nearly more than a year running Molten Core with The Order of Ancient, (Shout out to GM Razail and my fellow officers!) I remember tearing through content block after content block with Guildies and friends alike. I remember when my IRL buddy finally got his hunter Thorga to Top tier PVP and ran around in a wedding dress, mowing noobs down!

So it dawned on me why I write these letters from Azeroth. I write them because I have seen this game from the start. I have watched it change and develop from where it was to were it is now. It has been a joy to have it and the respective community that goes with it as part of these past ten years. and I figure a little commentary is the least I could do.

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