Steam announces paid user created content.

So steam has announced that they are going to allow user created content to be payed for, basically allowing anyone who makes a mod for a game like Skyrim to have people pay for said mod. The issue I have with this is it destroys one of the biggest benefits of PC gaming.

Free DLC is essentially what the modding community is. Yet the DLC that you pay for from a Triple A studio is expected to have a certain level of quality and bug fixes patches etc.

What happens when a modder releases a Quote unquote expansion pack for a game like Skyrim and it does well for the first few months only to have game breaking bugs. Well now that single person has the option of fixing what is broken for all these people that have already paid for said “Mod Expansion Pack”Or just saying screw those guys I already got my money and walking away. And once again when it comes to mods 90% of the time your going to have to play with stuff and tweak things yourself to get them to work for your preferences. Professional DLC doesn’t require this. You download the DLC you expect it to work and it does simple as that.

The backlash this is going to have is going to be more trouble than its worth. The modding community already has their stuff figured out just fine. Adding paid services into the mix is only going to bring a world of trouble to a stable system. I mean there are already people getting flagged for adding content that isn’t even theirs and expecting people to pay for it. And who’s to say that the guy who created a mod like Sky UI or any number of long running mods is even keeping up or paying attention to whats going on. Someone could take their mod throw it up on steam make a couple bucks off it all without the creators knowledge.

I don’t know where this is gonna go but I hope it gets sorted out cleanly.

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The modding payment system has since been removed from steam following the overwhelmingly negative reaction from the community. We still want to hear your opinions of the whole scenario. Was there a correct way for steam to handle this? Let us know in the comments below!

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