AirMech Arena : Transforming, for good or bad.

First off, I’m not a big RTS player, you won’t see me grinding ranked matches in StarCraft II, but I have played them and enjoyed them a lot. From Command and Conquer Red Alert, to Tom Clancy’s End War, and even Halo Wars. Yes, halo wars, crap but I liked playing it. I’ve found my share of RTS addictions so I went into this experience expecting a similar setup. To my surprise, this was not the case.


If a twin stick shooter based on Transformers had sex with an RTS, then that RTS wanted child support by a F2P element – the result would be AirMech Arena. From the start of the tutorial I felt very overwhelmed and at some parts confused. I found myself getting angry partly from the game and from the controller setup. It was not like a normal RTS. I did not have to build gathering units; I was already getting them. I did not have to build unit specific buildings; they just popped out of what ever base you had around the map. Saving the BIG thing for last, Free To Play. Nowadays this phrase instills dread instead of joy.

Some companies do F2P the right way, i.e. Team Fortress 2, Path of Exile, and Dirty Bomb. These games provide a shop that only hosts cosmetics or alternative ways to play. Others, ehhh, don’t do so well. For some reason the whole gaming scene is going to F2P, spending real money to either get stuff done faster or unlock something better. Airmech Arena has a store area where you can either purchase their items or player auctioned items ranging from cosmetics,new commanders that have different abilities and special stats, better and different mechs with better stats, and other random stuff.

Yes, Airmech Arena is different from normal RTS games with all of its little changes that they did. Even their twin stick shooter element with your mech/hero strives to distance itself from the classic strategy game. The automated base building is a little confusing for someone used to the normal RTS formula but then again, this game is trying to break that mold. It’s also a F2P so there is no harm checking it out and seeing for yourself if its something you will enjoy.


It seems like they did not want it to be too hardcore, wanting everyone to be able to pick it up the game quickly. If you are a hardcore RTS fan I would probably pass on this, the depth just isn’t there. If you have never played an RTS before I would give this a go, the automated systems in place help you not to get overwhelmed during a fight. If you like twin stick shooters but also want to play a casual RTS there might be something here for you as well, as the combat breaths a little life into the normal RTS combat.

3 thoughts on “AirMech Arena : Transforming, for good or bad.

  1. HatedFury says:

    It would be cool if you’d take another look at the F2P system for AirMech. You’ve got it all wrong about selling advantage. It’s easy to mistake at first glance, but looking a little deeper should make it quite obvious.

    The Ultimate units/pilots/items you may see are indeed overpowered versions of standard stuff, sold exclusively for premium currency. What you should have noticed is the text at the bottom of the description that clearly states that Ultimates are restricted from ranked and unranked PvP. They’re strictly for smashing the AI (or your friends if you can get them to agree to it).

    The only other units that can be sold on the Player Market are the unit alternates. These are units that have slightly different stats, both positive and negative. They’re not sold in the standard Shop, but rather awarded as drops at the end of matches. While some of them do seem to be better than the normal version, they’re all fairly balanced and will not offer an advantage to the user.

    Each AirMech class has a unique set of stats. No matter which cosmetic skin you’re using on your Mech, you will still have the same base stats as anyone using the default skin. There are no Mechs that are better than others. The differences are purely cosmetic.

    You just can’t pay to win at this game. If you could, I’d be dominating the PvP scene and entering the upcoming tournament next month. By the way, you should check out the tournament on Twitch to see the best players battle it out. I’m sure it would quickly change your mind about the lack of depth.


    • Shphrd says:

      Thanks for the response HatedFury! I’ll make sure to check out the tournament in my free time. What is your favorite mech to play?


      • HatedFury says:

        My favorite mechs are Warthog and Osprey. I like blowing stuff up, but I’m more efficient with a mech that can manage units better.


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