DESTINY: A glimpse of a great game [PART I]

Over the next week or so, I will be looking closely at Destiny and breaking down what works and what doesn’t. These articles will include hopes for the future as well as the times that Destiny truly does shine. Enjoy!

Destiny, the sci-fi being crafted by Bungie is impressively large. Unfortunately, I feel as if the expansive nature of an MMO is the downfall of this experience, more specifically, the way Bungie is handling its adventure into the realm of a large online world. Despite its faults and short comings, Destiny shines at points and when it does it’s blinding.

How not to create a city for an MMO.

It almost feels as if Bungie read a book with the title above and did exactly what it said. After so many, “If you see it, you can go there” games in the past few years, being stuck on a spire above the only city left on earth, I feel a little let down sitting in The Tower. A little like Rapunzel, there is so much of the world I can see, and only parts I’m allowed to enjoy. If you create a social area for players to interact, let them do just that, INTERACT.

There is no chat log in the game, so communication while in The Tower is down right impossible. Besides sending private messages to passersby no conversations can be had. The closest thing I’ve had to player interaction was a giant dance party. The worst part is, The Tower feels dead. There is nothing that has me attached to this world and the world doesn’t feel attached to me either. If you want me to be the savior of earth, give me a world to save!


Blizzard had the right idea with making their cities. I remember walking into Stormwind just as someone had slain Onyxia. The fanfare echoed through the streets as Onyxia’s head, a giant dragon, was hoisted over the main gates. You get to see the player being honored in-game by a host of Stormwind Guard and the King. That is the kind of experience that needs to happen in Destiny and no such immersion is available.


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