Wildstar is going Free to Play!

NCSoft and Carbine Studios have been running Wildstar on a subscription fee for a while now, but earlier today they released a video announcing its Free to Play status! Wildstar will be opening its doors this fall. If you have been waiting to enter the Nexus and explore the vibrant world that has been created, your wait is almost over!

This is very similar to the move Bethesda made a few months ago with The Elder Scrolls Online and honestly I think its a great one. When Wildstar was first talked about, it was slated to be Free-to-Play from the get go and I was extremely excited about that. My years of playing WoW have ruined me from paying for a game subscription again, especially with such a vast amount of F2P options out there. Carbine’s choice to pull in a larger player base will hopefully breathe new life into the MMO.

I am very excited to explore Nexus for the first time, with a flood of new players. Get your macros ready folks because the adventure begins later this year!

For more information about the changes that will occur, check out Wildstar-Online.com! There are also beta sign-ups for the free-to-play that are open for submissions right now. See you on Nexus!

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