DOOM! [E3]

Tonight’s Bethesda conference was a great site to see. First out of the gate was a bunch of info and game play on DOOM.

DOOM has returned with more explosions, severed limbs, blood, and mountains of enemies left in your wake. The Super Shotgun has returned to assist you in the demise of demons.

A new assassination system has been introduced to the mix that allows you to curb stomp a guy with his own foot. From what we can tell, enemies have a damage threshold that allows the player to grapple and rip them apart.

Along with this, ID Software announced SNAPMAP which is essentially a map / gamemode maker that spans across all three planned platforms (PS4, XBONE, and PC). They are giving players the opportunity to make content for the game such as death-match maps, and co-op survival scenarios.

Providing these tools to console gamers will open up a whole new way to judge the value of a game. Modding communities have always been a huge part of ID Software games from the beginning. Player created content has been able to maintain interest in a game long after launch.

The amount of action packed into the first 30 minutes of the conference was amazing and I can’t wait to see how this project looks at release.

Stick around for more E3 coverage as we enjoy the rest of the conferences this week.

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