Fallout 4 Gameplay! [E3]

Bethesda graced the stage last night to show us a ton of great content, but in true show fashion, they saved the best for last. Closing out the conference last night was Todd Howard with Fallout 4!

Fallout 4 is releasing November 10th of this year and hosts a slew of new gameplay features. They are allowing you to rebuild your own little slice of the wasteland and protect it from raiders. As you explore the world you will find settlements that you can make flourish and as you rebuild traders and nps will start to populate the surrounding area.

While you rebuild the world you can also customize your weapons, changing a pistol into a sniper rifle or a laser rifle into a shotgun. The combinations are endless and the wasteland is ready. How will you play and who will you kill?

Make sure to keep checking back with us to get all the info on the E3 action! See ya in the wasteland!

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