Its been a long time coming, but Sony has finally come through on their promise of the DRIVECLUB PS+ Edition release! If you are currently a Playstation Plus Subscriber, head over to the Playstation Store and start downloading your copy today!

DRIVECLUB is a first party developed racing game for the PS4 that released in October of 2014. Since then they have released 15 tour packs featuring new tracks and cars to add to your experience. The PS+ Edition features a tour called STARTLINE that will introduce you to the game.


STARTLINE is your first look into the feature set of DRIVECLUB, allowing you to experience pieces of content from packs such as ELEMENTS, REDLINE, MIDNIGHT, etc. This collection of tracks allows you to get a feel for the game a decide for yourself if the upgraded version, $24.99, is worth your money.

Along with access to this playlist of sorts, you also have full access to all the courses in India, one of six locales available in the full game. They even let you try your hand at the multiplayer which is where this game truly shines.

DRIVECLUB features three modes of play, Race, Time Trial, and Drift. Race also has a Team Race variant which is my personal favorite. There is nothing better than cutting off an opponent, allowing your teammate to gain a position, or sling shotting around a teammate to gain the lead. This cooperative take on the racing genre is one of the best parts of the game.

To keep your friends even closer knit into your reign of the road, DRIVECLUB allows for the creation of Clubs so you and your friends can collectively level up and unlock club specific cars. The club owner can even set a paint scheme that any member can apply to their cars.

Staying in the lines isn’t the only challenge for you in DRIVECLUB, as the game throws gated challenges at you for certain sections of a course. A particularly winding section of road might have a drift challenge in place so you can compete with players around the world, even if they aren’t part of your current game. These Face-Offs, as the game calls them, come in flavors such as Cornering, Drifting, and Average Speed, adding a dynamic element to the tracks you will most certainly memorize.

All in all, DRIVECLUB is a pretty solid racing experience an at the low low price of free, the PS+ Edition is a must for anyone with a current subscription! I’ll leave you with a few screenshots of the gorgeous game! Thanks for reading and see ya on the track!



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