ACE 3 has arrived!


ACE has always been a huge part of the Arma series, most notable with Arma 2, extend the life of the game, far past what another other titles in the genre are doing. Arma 3 has been out for a while now, with no ACE release, and even though the community is still very much behind the game, its lack of an ACE mod was noticeable.

Now with the combined forces behind ACE2, AGM, and CSE, this modding super team has brought us ACE3. Complete with a full interaction and medical system, ACE3 aims to bring a level of authenticity and realism to the game, that until this point, has been missing.

With this mod release, along with the RHS mod, Arma 3 fans have an incredible experience waiting for them. If you are a long time fan of the series and have been holding off on picking up the newest addition, or an owner of Arma 3, here is your call to arms. Here is your reason to buy or reinstall the game and get back to the battlefield.

Granted, ACE3 is still in its infancy, but within the coming months, you can expect to see this mod start to flourish and start to build up the fan base it deserves.

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