Speedrun Documentary is on its way!

This is The Run is a documentary film about the speed running community. In a similar style to Indie Game: The Movie, This is The Run introduces us to 4 speed runners and their lives. Explore the culture that has grown around this activity and the people that make it so great.

Events like SGDQ (Summer Games Done Quick) has taken great strides to give recognition to gamers that find crazy ways to literally break the games we love so much. Not only does it showcase the incredible skills of some highly dedicated gamers, but it also raises money for charity.

SGDQ raised $1,233,844.10 for Doctors Without Borders at the end of the 2015 event! This is The Run is building on the foundation layed by these events by showing us the work and stress that builds up before the magic happens.

Make sure to check out their site, thisistherunmovie.com to keep tabs on the project!



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