Rebel Galaxy is just on the horizon!





Rebel Galaxy, a space-combat action game being developed by Double Damage games is almost upon us! Releasing on October 20th, the game is set to release at $20 on steam.

broadsidesgreelnebulaThis full featured Space exploration sandbox has some pretty interesting mechanics at play.

Combat is at the forefront and core of the experience. They have set out to make sure fast-paced dog fights and massive ship battles at a frequent occurrence is your journey through the stars.

You won’t be alone out there and an alliances system will be in place that is affected by player actions within the universe as well as one on one character interactions.

The universe is  randomly generated, so you can expect a lot of variety and interesting set pieces to explore.


Rebel Galaxy has been designed from the outset for spaceship combat action.”

For more information on the game, make sure to

visit their site, REBEL-GALAXY.COM.

See you in space, captain!

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