Growing Pains – What was gained.

Hey, guys. Over the last week or so, I released a few videos on our YouTube Channel that chronicled my experience with the 1970 Opel Kadett in Codemaster’s DiRT Rally. The bruised and battered car that crossed the final finish line wasn’t the only thing that came out of this adventure.

Starting off, the Opel Kadett is a very difficult car to drive because the tail wants to slide out pretty much all the time. Any turn you start to feel comfortable in can easily go south if you decide to put a little more power into it. Because of this, keeping good track times was pretty hard. Major damage also carries over from race to race so by the end, my poor car couldn’t take much more.


Progression through the game is somewhat of a delicate balancing act. The goal is to obviously get to the finish line as fast as possible, but with a rally game, you dance between in and out of control so much you just have to know how the can is going to react once you regain traction. There is nothing worse that hitting a jump at the wrong angle, resulting in a flat tire.

After many a tumble and broken windshield, I can honestly say I have gotten a lot more familiar with the systems at play in DiRT Rally. There is still a lot to learn and I’ll make sure to keep our channel up to date on the trials of this rally rookie.

Below is the whole series if you haven’t seen it yet. If you have any thoughts, please leave them in the comments below. I will be starting a new series on the Fiat Abarth this week so keep an eye out for that. Thank you for ready, sharing, and helping me build this site.

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