Wand Wars!

Welcome to the wondrous wizarding world of Wand Wars! Whether Warlock, or Wizard, Witch, or Wretch, Wand Wars will wrangle wand wielders with its wacky wand battles and wubs!

Wand Wars is a local multiplayer arena with a heart pounding soundtrack and deceptively simplistic mechanics. It supports up to 4 players locally or you can battle it out with bots.

You are a spell casting, broom riding, competitive wizard fighting to be the best at game modes such as Arcane Arena (a single life, multi-round death match), Merlin Ball (wizard soccer), and Hex Out (a spell casting killing frenzy). You can also meet the whole roster of magical characters and get a little backstory on each through the game’s story mode.

You have two abilities.

The first is a catch spell which allows the player to catch and charge up an energy ball. Each charged shot causes the ball the move faster and become owned by the player who shot it. If this energy ball hits any other wizard, they are knocked out. You can also tap the catch spell to hit the energy ball away, taking ownership but not increasing its speed.

The second is a hex. It has two functions. If you hit a player with it, they turn into a chicken. The longer you charge the hex, the longer they remain poultry. If your hex hits the energy ball, on the other hand, it is set into a neutral (floating) state.

As an added bonus, gems and other power ups will drop on the maps to give you extra spells, shields, and speed boosts!

I know what you are thinking, “Holy crap! That sounds like Quidditch Dodgeball.” It sure is and it’s as fantastic as you can imagine!

Wand Wars is available on steam right now for $11.99. It has been crafted by the amazingly talented team at Moonradish and you should definitely add this game to your collection!

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