Metal Gear Survive?! "!" A new metal gear game has been spotted! Well...sort of. Konami in all of their infinite wisdom listened to fans wanting MGSV to have coop. Their answer to this, in classic Konami fashion, is a little a new born horse. I mean, technically it is a metal gear game in a sense, … Continue reading Metal Gear Survive?!

Salty’s Short Synopsis 2 – 1001 Spikes

1001 spikes - price: $15 1001 spikes is a very challenging 2d platformer in 8-bit style with tons of secrets, traps, and characters to unlock. The game has a storyline, cutscenes, and solid gameplay mechanics culminating in a  pretty well-done platformer. You start out with 1001 lives and have no way of getting any more. In … Continue reading Salty’s Short Synopsis 2 – 1001 Spikes