Rebel Galaxy is just on the horizon!

      Rebel Galaxy, a space-combat action game being developed by Double Damage games is almost upon us! Releasing on October 20th, the game is set to release at $20 on steam. This full featured Space exploration sandbox has some pretty interesting mechanics at play. Combat is at the forefront and core of the experience. … Continue reading Rebel Galaxy is just on the horizon!

20XX, The Megaman-esque Rogue-like

  Ever dream about Mega Max X and wish for a coop rogue-like experience with similar controls. The guys at Batterystaple Games aim to do just that. 20XX is a rogue-like platformer that is currently in early release as part of Steam's Early Access Program. The framework has been layed and the team behind the game is looking to … Continue reading 20XX, The Megaman-esque Rogue-like