Arkham Knight Optimization!

Riddler is back, except this time some of the puzzles are in the config files of the game! ... I'm kidding, but if you are searching for the best settings to play Arkham Knight, you've come to the right place! There has been a lot of hate circulating about the current state of the PC port of … Continue reading Arkham Knight Optimization!

Vulkan and the Future of 3D Graphics

Hello girls and boys! Mouk3y here for a another trek into the wild world of technology! *waves hands as fireworks go off* Fancy isn't? Enough pageantry and extravagance, let's get to talking about the FUTURE *more hand waving and fireworks* That's the last of them, buying fireworks out of season is tough. Onward! Before we dive … Continue reading Vulkan and the Future of 3D Graphics