My first steps in Total War: Warhammer

I have never really had an interest in Total War games. From the series initial release with Shogun: "Total War" in 2000, I thought they looked cool but the heavy strategy and logistics of the game never really appealed to me. Since then, I have sat on the sidelines and watch friends dump hours and … Continue reading My first steps in Total War: Warhammer

We are ghosts. New Wildlands Trailer Ubisoft has given us another glimpse into the world of Wildlands and the new co-op shooter is now available for pre-order. Ghost Recon: Wildlands is an open world, co-op, tactical shooter that pits you against a cartel that is ravaging Bolivia. Using any means necessary, your mission is to dislodge their hold on the … Continue reading We are ghosts. New Wildlands Trailer

Wand Wars!

Welcome to the wondrous wizarding world of Wand Wars! Whether Warlock, or Wizard, Witch, or Wretch, Wand Wars will wrangle wand wielders with its wacky wand battles and wubs! Wand Wars is a local multiplayer arena with a heart pounding soundtrack and deceptively simplistic mechanics. It supports up to 4 players locally or you can … Continue reading Wand Wars!