EITR has soul. [E3]

From indie dev, ENEME Entertainment, comes a dark rpg that pits your character against enormous enemies and dares you to succeed. Slated for PC and PS4, get ready to experience this beautifully crafted world and the inhabitants that want nothing more that your life.

Firewatch headed to PS4. [E3]

Explore the wilderness while you discover the story. Each step in the world Firewatch will unearth a new clue and a new question. What will you find? Slated for release this year so we will keep an eye out! This will definitely be played on our twitch channel!  

LIGHT FALL – A jump, flip, and 28 days left on Kickstarter.

We have started to feature Kickstarter campaigns here on the site over the past few months and up to this point, we feel it has been pretty successful. To continue in this tradition we shift our focus to a development studio out of Quebec City. Bishop Games is crafting a new platformer experience and this is what they … Continue reading LIGHT FALL – A jump, flip, and 28 days left on Kickstarter.

New ESO Trailer!

The console release of The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO for short) is almost upon us. The game started out as a PC MMO with a subscription fee and it held true to that payment model longer than many people expected. Zenimax has sense dropped the subscription fee and because of this change, the world is … Continue reading New ESO Trailer!