web gallery[symple_column size=”one-half” position=”first” fade_in=”false”]Dither is a Digital Pixel Art Gallery, DPAG for short (just coined it!), that focuses on the artists behind the games we play. Come on it, relax, and enjoy the great work that has been submitted to us. You might even discover your next favorite game![/symple_column][symple_column size=”one-fifth” position=”first” fade_in=”false”]

All art included in this gallery was submitted by the artist themselves. All rights belong to the respective artists.


Christina – Antoinette Neofotistou A.K.A @castpixel | Illustrator – Indie game dev

[symple_social icon=”twitter” url=”twitter.com/castpixel” title=”” target=”blank” rel=””][symple_social icon=”tumblr” url=”http://castpixel.tumblr.com/” title=”” target=”blank” rel=””]

Starr Mazer Title

@castpixel – Starr Mazer Title

Valentine Ship

@castpixel – Valentine Ship

Bar Scene

@castpixel – Bar Scene

@castpixel – GirlsMakeGames Poster



Matt Frith | Pixel Artist – Animator

[symple_social icon=”twitter” url=”https://twitter.com/MatthewJFrith” title=”” target=”blank” rel=””][symple_social icon=”tumblr” url=”http://www.mattfrith.com/” title=”” target=”blank” rel=””]


Frith – Algeirs


Frith – Venice


Frith – Yosemite



Gareth Davies A.K.A Spudonkey | Designer – Illustrator

[symple_social icon=”twitter” url=”https://twitter.com/spudonkey” title=”” target=”blank” rel=””][symple_social icon=”instagram” url=”https://instagram.com/spudonkey/” title=”” target=”blank” rel=””]

Spudonkey - Ninja

Spudonkey – Ninja

Spudonkey - Cloth Merchant

Spudonkey – Cloth Merchant

Spudonkey - Orc Shamen

Spudonkey – Orc Shamen

Spudonkey - Knife Throw

Spudonkey – Knife Throw


Michelle Vinall | Illustrator

[symple_social icon=”twitter” url=”https://twitter.com/Sorbet_and_Rice” title=”” target=”blank” rel=””][symple_social icon=”tumblr” url=”http://frayed-symphony.tumblr.com/” title=”” target=”blank” rel=””]

Vinall - Versaille

Vinall – Versaille

Vinall - Albert Hall

Vinall – Albert Hall

Vinall - Jackal

Vinall – Jackal

Vinall - Cloud

Vinall – Cloud

Vinall - 256 Sprites

Vinall – 256 Sprites


Sandy Gordon A.K.A. Bandygrass | Illustrator

[symple_social icon=”twitter” url=”https://twitter.com/bandygrass” title=”” target=”blank” rel=””][symple_social icon=”tumblr” url=”http://bandygrass.tumblr.com/” title=”” target=”blank” rel=””]

Bandygrass - Dark Souls 2 Bonfire

Bandygrass – Dark Souls 2 Bonfire

Bandygrass - Confused Wizard

Bandygrass – Confused Wizard



Daniel Stigsjöö | Game Dev

[symple_social icon=”twitter” url=”https://twitter.com/sqrbt” title=”” target=”blank” rel=””][symple_social icon=”tumblr” url=”http://squarebit.tumblr.com/” title=”” target=”blank” rel=””]

Stigsjöö - Chronicon #1

Stigsjöö – Chronicon #1

Stigsjöö - Chronicon #2

Stigsjöö – Chronicon #2

Stigsjöö - Chronicon #3

Stigsjöö – Chronicon #3

Stigsjöö - Chronicon #4

Stigsjöö – Chronicon #4

Thank you at all the artists who submitted work for the first opening of this! The amount of support I received and the overwhelming positive response from you all let me know that this was a good idea. Please share this gallery with everyone you know to show off these amazing artists!

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