Ghost Recon: Wildlands Reveal [E3]

Ubisoft showed a lot of great projects at their E3 conference, but my personal favorite was their reveal of the new Ghost Recon title, Wildlands. Wildlands seems to be a culmination of cooperative military games over the years, giving its players and massive tactical playground. You move through the region as a team of 4 operatives tasked … Continue reading Ghost Recon: Wildlands Reveal [E3]

EITR has soul. [E3]

From indie dev, ENEME Entertainment, comes a dark rpg that pits your character against enormous enemies and dares you to succeed. Slated for PC and PS4, get ready to experience this beautifully crafted world and the inhabitants that want nothing more that your life.

Firewatch headed to PS4. [E3]

Explore the wilderness while you discover the story. Each step in the world Firewatch will unearth a new clue and a new question. What will you find? Slated for release this year so we will keep an eye out! This will definitely be played on our twitch channel!  

DOOM! [E3]

Tonight's Bethesda conference was a great site to see. First out of the gate was a bunch of info and game play on DOOM. DOOM has returned with more explosions, severed limbs, blood, and mountains of enemies left in your wake. The Super Shotgun has returned to assist you in the demise of demons. A … Continue reading DOOM! [E3]

Fallout 4 confirmed

The wait is finally over and it's not an unconfirmed source like the ill intent of survivor 2299. This is from the developers themselves, Bethesda! As of 6/3/2015 at 7pm PST a countdown timer that lasted 24 hours was hosted on The countdown brought up a large amount of hype and surprised a community that has … Continue reading Fallout 4 confirmed