Early Access Woes and Pros

Sometimes, nobody wins. Let me start this article off by saying - I know what it's like to be there; putting a lot of time into something, a lot of my creativity, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears into a project. I know the feeling of wanting to release a tidbit of something … Continue reading Early Access Woes and Pros

Dungeon Defenders Update!

A huge title update has dropped for Dungeon Defenders 2, currently being developed by Trendy Entertainment. The game is currently part of the Early Access program on Steam and the development team is churning out updates left and right while listening to the fans, in order to craft the best version of Dungeon Defenders possible. So … Continue reading Dungeon Defenders Update!

H1Z1 Patch Notes

Hey guys! I don't know about you, but our team is thoroughly enjoying H1Z1, the zombie survival game just brought into early access by SOE. I'm really impressed by the quality of bug squashing they have taken so far with almost daily updates. The next update being dropped is a big one! So far, containers have … Continue reading H1Z1 Patch Notes