Salty’s Short Synopsis 2 – 1001 Spikes

1001 spikes - price: $15 1001 spikes is a very challenging 2d platformer in 8-bit style with tons of secrets, traps, and characters to unlock. The game has a storyline, cutscenes, and solid gameplay mechanics culminating in a  pretty well-done platformer. You start out with 1001 lives and have no way of getting any more. In … Continue reading Salty’s Short Synopsis 2 – 1001 Spikes

Wanderlust Adventures has arrived!

The team at YetiTrunk have done it! Their long awaited project, Wanderlust Adventures, is now available for purchase on steam. This game combines fast-paced action RPG combat, open-world exploration, and a charming art style that hearkens back to RPGs of old. If you are a fan of classic RPGs and you miss the time and care that those … Continue reading Wanderlust Adventures has arrived!