Wand Wars!

Welcome to the wondrous wizarding world of Wand Wars! Whether Warlock, or Wizard, Witch, or Wretch, Wand Wars will wrangle wand wielders with its wacky wand battles and wubs! Wand Wars is a local multiplayer arena with a heart pounding soundtrack and deceptively simplistic mechanics. It supports up to 4 players locally or you can … Continue reading Wand Wars!

Bierzerkers is brewing in Early Access

Bierzerkers released through the steam early access program July 9th for $9.99, and I decided to give it a try. All Hail Stout and Ale! Bierzerkers is a multiplayer arena game that puts you in the helmet of a fallen Viking warrior and allows you to rip apart foes with a plethora of special moves and techniques. So far … Continue reading Bierzerkers is brewing in Early Access