Currently Playing: Mitch Murder – Burning Chrome

For the past few weeks I've been hardcore working on finishing up my senior show and things to make sure I graduate on time. The wait is finally over and that hard work paid off. Music drives a lot of my work as a designer and every once in a while I find an artist … Continue reading Currently Playing: Mitch Murder – Burning Chrome


Music Producer Madeon's Debut album has been released to the world, and guess what? It's fantastic! Adventure is an eclectic exploration of multiple musical landscapes that leaves you feeling both inspired and focused. His music has been fueling my design work for a few months now and I can't be happier that he now has his first LP out! … Continue reading MADEON : ADVENTURE

REBOOT is a must!

Approaching Nirvana's new album, REBOOT, is a must own for any electronica fan out there. This super chill album keeps your heart pumping without have any overwhelming drops and ear shattering notes. This new effort is a great addition to their already massive catalog of music. Below is my favorite song from the new release, Soar. Enjoy! To … Continue reading REBOOT is a must!

Monochrome by Tiasu

Tiasu just released his newest album on Bandcamp! Mixing chiptunes with heavy bass lines and a few surprises, Tiasu's new effort is sure to impress you as its tempo fuels your gaming sessions. You can purchase this great piece of work over at his bandcamp page. Support his talents, he deserves it!