[VIDEO] With our powers combined!

Hey guys! In order to bring you as much amazing content as possible, we have partnered up with EarlyAccessPodcast! He focuses on Alpha, Beta, and Early Access games and provides a lot of content to his community! His unique brand of content combines both a written formal review as well as a first impressions video. We … Continue reading [VIDEO] With our powers combined!

NECROPOLIS! One Hairbrained Dungeon Crawler!

From the minds that gave us Shadowrun: Returns, Meet Necropolis, the story a wacky fun loving adventurer who embarks on a journey of personal growth and meets some hilarious companions along the way! Wait, nevermind. That's the made-for-tv movie pitch I've been sitting on. The game is called Necropolis and this is going to be one crazy … Continue reading NECROPOLIS! One Hairbrained Dungeon Crawler!