A Trip to The Dragonball Universe

It’s finally here, the Dragonball game that many have been waiting for. Dragonball Xenoverse may have been out for a little while,but the hype still remains for many. I for one have been hyped by this game ever since it had been announced. Seeing many of the features that are in this game including the … Continue reading A Trip to The Dragonball Universe

[VIDEO] With our powers combined!

Hey guys! In order to bring you as much amazing content as possible, we have partnered up with EarlyAccessPodcast! He focuses on Alpha, Beta, and Early Access games and provides a lot of content to his community! His unique brand of content combines both a written formal review as well as a first impressions video. We … Continue reading [VIDEO] With our powers combined!


Today I’ll be taking a look at Alone. It is a D-Trip or Digital Trip accessible at any point in the game, once they are shown to you. D-Trips alter your perception of the world by using an auditory program. My first step into this parallel verse was one of the coolest experiences I would … Continue reading ALONE_