Gravity Rush Remastered!

Hey guys!  A lot of cool information has been coming in from the Tokyo Game Show but this has to be one of the more interesting pieces of news that I've heard. Porting Gems of a Fallen Platform Gravity Rush, the PSVita game released in February of 2012, is coming to PS4 with a remastered … Continue reading Gravity Rush Remastered!


Its been a long time coming, but Sony has finally come through on their promise of the DRIVECLUB PS+ Edition release! If you are currently a Playstation Plus Subscriber, head over to the Playstation Store and start downloading your copy today! DRIVECLUB is a first party developed racing game for the PS4 that released in October … Continue reading DRIVECLUB PS+ EDITION – OUT NOW

The Art of Bloodborne

I'm sure a lot of you have been romping around the world of Bloodborne since release. Regardless of your stance on the game itself, I think everyone can agree that the world From Software created is quite stunning to look at. While hacking and slashing their way through the world one imgur user, Saltyxgaming, took the time to … Continue reading The Art of Bloodborne